Washington, Annapolis and Pennsylvania

Posted: 11th November 2018 by kathrynpringle

Last month I went to the States to visit my boyfriend who was taking part in the Race Across America with an eight man, Help for Heroes team. The route was cycling from East to West so myself and some of the other riders wives, flew out to meet them at the finish line.

Dress: Zara.

We landed into Washington and travelled over to Annapolis where they were due to finish on Saturday, myself and Karen had some time to spare before they were due in, so we had a little explore of the town and went to check out the finish line before they arrived.

Two days in, Karen found out where they were doing their last change over on the bikes, which was about two hours in the car from where we were. So we got up early and headed towards Pennsylvania, where their final changeover was. Karen let her husband know we were coming but I decided not to let my partner Jaco know and left it as a surprise.

We had the day exploring Pennsylvania, and then the guys pulled up, at a corner restaurant on the outskirts of Pennsylvania. Jaco and I were so pleased to see each other after two weeks apart, I climbed into his RV and woke him up, he was definitely not expecting to see me and it was such a special, memorable moment.

Surprise - Pennsylvania
Top & Skirt: Zara.

We had some time together before they set off on the last leg of their 3000 mile journey. Jaco was on the bike first, heading up the biggest hill I’ve ever seen in my life… rather him than me!

Karen and I headed back to Annapolis to meet the guys at the finish line. Midnight came and we set back off to the Annapolis waterfront to see them in, it was so special and such a unbelievable achievement, they’d completed the Race Across America in 6 days, 12 hours and 36 minutes.

We got some much needed sleep, and went out to celebrate the completion of the RAAM in the centre of Annapolis, it was a great night with views of the sunset over the docks. The next day, Jaco and I decided to explore Washington D.C, such beautiful city. We visited the White House, the Washington Monument and the WW2 Memorial site which was pretty amazing. We explored numerous rooftop bars, and had dinner at The Hamilton, which was delicious.

Then, sadly it was home time, goodbye America, until next time…

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