My favourite skincare products

Posted: 27th March 2020 by kathrynpringle

I want to share with you some of my favourite skincare products that have changed my skin a lot. My skin type at the moment is mostly dry, so usually I am looking for ways to make it glow a bit more.

  • First of all, Lanolin everywhere multi cream. I love this stuff and I use it daily, not just on my face. It’s so good for dry skin and especially dry patches, it makes your overall skin softer and skin tone more balanced. It’s not very expensive and I now take this everywhere with me. I really want to try their recovery face mask too. I haven’t purchased it yet but it’s definitely on my list.
  • The Lumi face exfoliator. After using this, with a good cleanser, your face feels cleaner than ever and it’s so good. I only do this once, maximum twice per week, depending on how my skin is. I usually just use a foamy cleanser on it and buff it into my face at night before moisturiser. I’m sure it doesn’t have to be this brand, but just this tool is so good for a deep clean on your face.
  • Luna night oil. This stuff is heavenly. Please follow the instructions for use as it contains retinol. It’s a sleeping night oil and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and plump by morning. I love this product. I don’t use it daily, maybe just a couple of times a week when I feel like I need it.
  • Lixir Skin Vitamin C paste – I have no idea what this cream is doing but this is the dewy glow paste. If you wake up and your skin is feeling a bit dull/flat, this stuff makes it’s so dewy. I only use it every now and again when I’m feeling dry as it can definitely make your face a bit too wet but it’s such a good base under foundation.
  • SPF – I used to use a Vitage SPF on my skin every morning, but now most days I wear a tinted moisturiser on my face which is SPF 30. This changes but currently I am using a NARS one.
  • Final tip – I never use wipes to remove make up and this has totally changed my skin, first of all I don’t think wipes ever remove it all and if you use them, cleanse afterwards. But second of all, they make my skin so uneven and dry. I either properly cleanse my face with a foamy cleanser, or use cotton wool pads with micellar water.

Hopefully this helps some of you, if you want anymore skin product recommendations, feel free to ask. I’ve tried so many different products over recent years and am finally finding some products that I’ll use over and over again.
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