Weekly workout routine

Posted: 12th November 2018 by kathrynpringle

So lots of people ask me what a week of training looks like for me, this actually really used to differ week upon week but more recently, I’ve got a Personal Trainer and tried to add some structure and routine to my workouts so that I can track progress more easily.

At the moment, I do three weights sessions per week, two are usually leg training based and the third is usually a circuit. The rest of the week, I’ll usually do some cardio, interval training and squeeze in a fourth weights session if I have the time. A huge amount of my activity is based on scoring points through my Vitality healthcare, I actually really don’t recommend the healthcare but I highly recommend this as motivation to stay on top of training, knowing that I score points means someone very competitive like me will rarely miss a session!

At the moment I’m pretty focused on making sure my form is correct, so that I can eventually build up the weight and know that I won’t injure myself.

How do I stay motivated?

I make sure that I enjoy what I’m doing, basically, if you don’t love it, you don’t stick to it. I have always loved sport and been very active, my partner is an athlete which also makes training even easier (even though we’re super competitive and he beats me at most stuff) but just make sure you love it. My Personal Trainer is really good at making sure I’m enjoying what I’m doing and that way he knows that I’ll stick to it.

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