Staying motivated throughout lockdown

Posted: 11th June 2020 by kathrynpringle

How have I stay motivated throughout lockdown?

Now first of all, this time has affected everyone differently and if you haven’t managed to get much done or do much exercise throughout this time, honestly don’t beat yourself up. Everyone has handled it differently and it’s okay to be taking a step back and just enjoying a slower pace of life if you’ve got that.

Now, how I have stayed motivated. First of all, I do what I enjoy. I don’t really find any exercise a chore. I have always loved sport and being active and it’s a really big part of my life. So for me, getting out for a run, ride or a gym session, I look forward to it and don’t have to force myself to do it. I think that almost everyone would find something active that they enjoy, whether it be yoga, weights, pilates, HIIT or just walking. I think there is something for everyone and you just have to try things to find it.

I love cycling, road and mountain biking. I’ve recently got an indoor turbo trainer compatible with Zwift and I love it. It means you can ride your bike at home, even if you only have a quick hour to train. It has hill climbs, sprints and little challenges within it. I’m wondering if the novelty of this will wear off, so I’ll keep you posted on that but so far I’ve used it 5 times in the week that I’ve had it.

Secondly, I think if we are able, we should move our bodies because we can and because we’re grateful for what they can do. Often people can end up training when they’re feeling like they have to because they don’t like their bodies, or have eaten something ‘bad’. I feel we should be working out because we love our bodies and everything that they can do. Through my fiancé who was injured in the army, I have met so many people who don’t have legs, are paralysed and they are so grateful for what they still have and what they can still do, and lots of them are phenomenal athletes. So I think we should move because we can and because we’re grateful that we’re able to, and see it as a privilege.

Thirdly, goals. Personally, I love setting myself small, medium and large goals to achieve within life but also within fitness. I set myself targets in running and cycling and weightlifting, then do everything I can to achieve them. I love reaching new goals and targets and love the process of getting there too. These don’t need to be crazy goals to begin with, they can start really simple and short term.

Finally, since we’ve been in lockdown there has been some amazing live workouts on Instagram. I find these are amazing as they are live at a certain time and I commit myself as if I was going to a class at a gym which personally I find really useful and feel accountable to join the class.

Hopefully this helps you, let me know if there is something that has worked for you!

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